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What is Predictions Engine

Predictions Engine is a platform for predicting the next stop and next trip arrival time of your public transport vehicles.

The basics: predictions

We take your current vehicle position and tell you when it will arrive at its next scheduled stops.

Sophisticated machine learning back end

The really clever parts are behind the scenes with our machine learning platform which learns over time to provide a statistically sound output.

Set-up for integration

We live in a world of data. Our platform is built for open data integration and scalabale from a single bus to a city-wide public transport network.

How Predictions Engine Works

Predictions Engine is a machine learning platform that takes your current vehicle position and predicts when it will arrive at its scheduled future stops or trips.


We start by collecting your on-time running data and building a statistical model of the route. This tells us how the network has peformed previously under different conditions and allows us to isolate the key features that will predict its future performance. We then integrate this into a scalabale platform that can perform millions of calculations a day.

Optimisation and Analytics

Our back-end system is a highly sophisticated machine learning platform connected to a world-class visualisation and analytics tool. This allows you to see exactly how the Predictions Engine is performing and optimises the trade-offs between frequency and accuracy over different time horizons. We also take in information about the vehicle's next trip to avoid the situation where the next trip can only be predicted once the driver signs-on.


We use an industrial-scale cloud platform, capable of infinite scalaing, so no network is too big or complex for the predictions Engine. We can integrate directly with your information systems so you don't need to change any field hardware or other systems - we just send you a data feed. No more proprietary hardware lock-in.

Who We Are

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